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April 2004Contents:

1) Carolyn's Comments
2) Featured Article:
Tai Chi for Healthy Aging
3) World Tai Chi Day
4) Gratitude
5) Remembering Wholeness
6) Closing Thought

1) Hi Everyone! Welcome to another issue of “Living in the Flow”.
Check out the info. about World Tai Chi Day—It is tomorrow!!We’ve had many new subscribers in the past few weeks, if you
missed last month’s Tai Chi for Pregnancy Article you can read
it here: www.taichiflow.com/news.php Also, lots of new things happening at Tai Chi Flow, so
stayed tuned for next month’s newsletter full of info.
about our upcoming ONLINE COMMUNITY
LEARNING CENTER-very cool!, as well as new
products: kids t-shirts, books, etc.!

Tai Chi improves overall fitness, coordination, and agility. People who practice tai chi regularly tend to have good posture,flexibility, and range of motion. They also tend to have moremental clarity, and sleep more soundly at night. Tai Chi goesto the root of most health problems by relaxing the musclesand mind, aligning the spinal posture, and balancing the energysystems that run through the body, providing them with life energy. As a profound self-improvement tool, tai chi is one of the most powerful, yet soothing things we can do for ourselves.The magic of tai chi is found in the unique combination of movement, breathing and meditation.MOVEMENT
Because tai chi involves all the major muscle groups, it Improves agility, strength, flexibility, stamina, muscle tone,and coordination. A 1996 study has proven how Tai Chi’s attention to balance can increase body awareness, preventingfalls up to 50% in elderly patients.One of every three adults 65 years or older falls each year, often with devastating results. Hip fractures are the seventhleading cause of death among older adults. If this could bereduced even by 10%, we would save over $1 billion a year,not to mention the pain and suffering of the patients andtheir families.Through the postures of tai chi we learn how to move thebody correctly, thereby becoming conscientious of our physical presence, so along with this increased balance,we are also less likely to lose mobility. Tai Chi rotates allthe joints in the body, releasing any blocked energy whichcould contribute to the aging process. It also stimulates theliquid systems of the body to keep our joints and other tissuesmore supple, increasing range of motion and reducing anysymptoms of arthritis. The many movements performed by turning from the
waist, work as an internal massage. By stimulating the
abdomen, these movements aid digestion and help relieve
constipation and gastrointestinal conditions.
The deep breathing of tai chi regulates the respiratory system,
helping to treat ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and
emphysema. Exhaling toxins from the lungs while inhaling
fresh air increases lung capacity, stretches the muscles involved
in breathing and releases tension. Symbolically, the exhaling
and inhaling reminds us to let go of that which is no longer
serving us, and allow new abundance to enter our lives.
Research shows that taking time to slow down the mind
and body is not only calming, but also enhances mental acuity
and focus, reduces anxiety, and lowers blood pressure and
heart rate. Tai Chi’s meditative nature is also beneficial for
the immune system and the central nervous system, which
makes it especially good for people with a chronic illness,
depression, or any stress-related conditions. The quiet
mindfulness of tai chi teaches us to listen to our body,
therefore helping us become aware of problems before
they become acute. This same mindfulness can permeate
all other aspects of our lives, helping us find gratitude
in each moment.

3) SAT, April 24, 2004 is WORLD TAI CHI & QIGONG DAY!
On the last Saturday of April each year at 10 am, beginning
in the Earth's earliest time zone, a peaceful soothing event will
unfold, and change the world forever, as it blooms around the
earth throughout the entire day--time zone by time zone. Gently
and effortlessly the world will breathe together in a T'ai Chi &
QiGong relay of calm. On World T'ai Chi & QiGong Day the
entire planet will have the opportunity to experience the
soothing calm of participating in, as well as witnessing others
doing this incredible exercise!

World T'ai Chi & QiGong Day will be held on the last Saturday
in April each year falling at the end of the same month as united
nations worldhealing day and earth day, and will entail T'ai Chi
& QiGong groups around the world gathering at 10 am (each city's
local time) to exhibit T'ai Chi & QiGong to the world in mass
gatherings in public parks or the lawns of public buildings, so
as to be visible to the community and media.

To find an event in your area go to:

To find out about “Tai Chi & Qigong Week” in Utah,
As proclaimed by Mayor Olene S. Walker, go to:

And for you locals, go to my site:
www.taichiflow.com and click on “workshops”
for all the info. about the big St. George Event!

4) Gratitude: Here’s a note from a recent customer:

I am home-schooling my 11 year old son, and I wanted to let you
know how much we LOVE your Tai Chi Flow for Kids video! It’s
perfect for those times when we need a break from the school work,
we use it often for our recess! Thank you!”

5) Remembering Wholeness:
Have you read Carol Tuttle’s book, “Remembering Wholeness” yet??
I have been an energy medicine practitioner for over 7 years, so I was
thrilled when I was led to this book. I felt as if Carol knew my thoughts
and feelings and put them into writing! My clients who read this book
have a much better understanding of the role they play in creating the
life they choose. It’s about being accountable and empowered by accepting
the blessings given to us. Carol herself says it will either push your buttons
and make you mad, OR it will change your life! So if you are ready for
some positive changes in your life, I highly recommend this book!
Just click on this link for more info:
(http://www.automateyourwebsite.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=106465)6) Closing Thought:
The more we let go of EGO, the more effortless life becomes.Feel free to send comments, questions, or suggestions to carolyn@taichiflow.com

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