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Carolyn Cooper's
Published by Tai Chi Flow, Inc.
Issue #3 Oct. 2004

Each month we will bring you informative and fun articles dealing
with health, fitness, qigong/tai chi, abundance, energy therapies,
upcoming workshops, and many other interesting and motivating
ways to help you create a life that flows!

In this issue:

1) Carolyn's Comments
2) Featured Article:
Top 10 reasons to exercise
3) Fit Pregnancy Magazine
4) Thought

1) Hi all! Well, after an extremely busy summer, it is
time to settle down with the comforting atmosphere of
autumn and get back on track with a regular newsletter!
Some of you may have noticed I missed a few months,
but not to worry, that won't be happening again anytime

These past few months I've been busy with all the
technicalities of changing hosting service, webmaster,
writing new web pages, etc. As a Tai Chi instructor/
Energy Therapist/Fitness Professional, these computer
techno-skills are NOT my favorite part of this business,
so thank you for your continuing support of this
newsletter while we got everything into place for
our continued growth.

And a BIG thank you to my new web-gal, Reina!

Here are some of the exciting new changes at
Tai Chi Flow, Inc.

First and foremost, we now offer all 3 videos; Tai Chi
Flow for Kids, for Pregnancy, and for Everybody in
DVD format!

We have also added T-shirts for Kids and Adults!

Other new items added to the STORE include:
Carol Tuttle's ground-breaking book, "Remembering
Wholeness" as well as one of her best CD's,
"Powerful Affirmations to Change Your Life Now!"

And since you are interested in Tai Chi/Fitness
Check out Dr. Keith Jeffrey's 4 min. Fitness on
Video or DVD. Of course, the video is longer
than 4 min, showing explanations for each move,
once you get these moves taken from tai chi,
yoga, and motivational techniques down, the
entire sequence can be done in 4 min. a day!

Check out our new STORE at:


I. Strengthen Your Bones. Regular weight-bearing
exercise is a crucial adjunct to building bones.
II. Relieve Depression. Mildly to moderately depressed
people who exercise 20-30 min. every other day will
experience a positive mood swing in three weeks.
III. Slow the Aging Process. By strengthening your
muscles and heart and thereby counterbalancing the
age-related decline in physical abilities, exercise can
help you maintain your physical independence.
IV. Ease Stress & Anxiety. Activity disperses
the hormones that accumulate during high-stress
times. Exercise is also a natural tranquilizer-after
exercising, you'll feel serene.
V. Improve Cholesterol Profile. Regular, vigorous
exercise increases levels of "good" cholesterol
(HDL), associated with a reduced risk of heart
VI. Enhance Your Self-Image. Those who exercise
regularly feel better and more confident than those
who don't.
VII. Improve the Quality of Your Sleep. When you
exercise regularly, you fall asleep more quickly,
sleep more soundly and awake more refreshed.
VIII. Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Diseases.
Nonexercisers are twice as likely to develop heart
disease as those who exercise. Exercise also reg-
ulates blood sugar, which reduces the risk of diabetes.
IX. Improve Your Mental Capacity. Many studies
have found that those who exercise have better reaction
times, concentration levels and memory.
X. Lower Your Risk for Certain Cancers. Studies
suggest that women who don't exercise have more
than 2 ½ times the chance of developing a cancer of
the reproductive organs and almost twice the risk
of getting breast cancer of those who exercise.

3) In the Oct/Nov. issue of Fit Pregnancy
Magazine which is on newsstands now, there is
a great article (pg.80) entitled "The thoroughly
modern pregnancy". This article includes beautiful
photos of several Tai Chi movements which
are safe and effective for the pregnant mama.
I was honored to be called as a consultant
on the movements and the explanations, as
well as receiving mention in such a respected
magazine. Check it out!!

4) Closing Thought:
From the Tao Te Ching, By Lao Tzu
Verse 38:

To give without seeking reward
To help without thinking it is virtuous-
therein lies great virtue
To keep account of your actions
To help with the hope of gaining merit-
therein lies no virtue

Create a great day!!
Warmly, Carolyn

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