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Carolyn Cooper's
Published by Tai Chi Flow, Inc.
Issue #12
July 2005

1) Carolyn's Comments
2) Second Anniversary Contest
3) Closing Thought

One night I was sitting at my computer, surfing the net for fitness videos. All of a sudden the idea struck me (very clearly) to create a Tai Chi for Pregnancy video. Actually, I was quite surprised that there were none on the market-after all, it is a perfect pre-natal exercise! I tried to brush that 'nudge' aside, but for several weeks the thought hounded me. Since I know enough to follow promptings that come to me (especially over and over again), I finally gave it some serious thought. Thinking seriously about it, I realized that nearly every time I taught a Tai Chi class, participants would come up after and ask if I had an easy to follow video, just like the class, (not an entire form) so they could practice at home. Then the idea to do one for Kids also cropped up. Well, I went to work and nine months later (ironic, eh?) I was filming three videos! By August 2003 my videos were on the market and Tai Chi Flow, Inc. was officially in business. This has been such a spiritual adventure for me, and it has been fun to watch both the business and myself grow so much! As any new business owner, there were times I doubted myself, but I can honestly say I am so glad I followed that nudge! Thank you for all your love and support!

Moral of the story: Be still, listen for what is there, follow your heart.. What is your heart telling you? Remember. There is room in this world for what you have to offer.

Second Anniversary Contest!

Please join us for our 2 year Anniversary Contest! Here's how it works:

Answer the following 6 questions found in past 'Living in the Flow' newsletter articles. If you need help, you can find all the past newsletters in our archive at www.taichiflow.com/news.htm

Send your answers to info@taichiflow.com

If you answer all the questions correctly your name will eligible for the drawing which will be held on August 10, 2005

3rd place:
Tai Chi Flow video
Of your choice: Kids, Pregnancy, or EveryBody
Makes a great gift for a friend, child, or grandparent.

2nd place:
Tai Chi Flow video
4 minute Fitness video
"Remembering Wholeness" book

Grand Prize:
The Whole Enchilada!
TCF video
4 Minute Fitness video
"Remembering Wholeness" Book
Tai Chi T-shirt (child or adult)
30 min. Energy Therapy Session with Carolyn

Winners will be notified by email-Also announced in our August newsletter.
Here are the questions:

1. "Yield and be strong" is a term used in Tai Chi. What does it mean?

2. A 1996 study shows that Tai Chi's attention to balance can prevent falls up to ___%.

3. Which emotion is one of the highest vibrations we can be in?

4. What are the top 3 fitness trends for 2005?

5. What day/month each year is World Tai Chi and Qigong Day held?

6. Finish this statement: "The law of the harvest is simple you know........"

Best of luck to you!

Closing Thought:

"When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things-not the great occasions-that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness." Bob Hope

Create a great day! Carolyn

2003 Tai Chi Flow, Inc