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Carolyn Cooper's
Published by Tai Chi Flow, Inc.

Issue #16
Nov/Dec 2005

1) Carolyn's Comments Get a 3rd Video on us!
2) Featured Article:
Courage to Risk
3) Closing Thought

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2) Courage to Risk

As an Energy Therapist I have worked withpeople from all walks of life and have foundthat the number one deterrent that holds us backfrom stepping up and being our best is lackof courage--stemming from lack of self worth. Whether it is from current circumstances, childhood issues, or even from cellular memories which we carry from our ancestors, feelings of unworthiness affect all of us at some time.

A woman I admire, tells a story about growing up playing basketball and as a teenager being successful on the court.When she went to college she wanted desperately to play on the girls basketball team.She found out when tryouts were and arrived outside the doors of the gym at the appointedhour. When she pulled the door open and peekedinside, the girls were already running drills, andthey looked good! Then came her negative innersentences, all the insecurities; "You're not goodenough", "You can't compete with them", etc.,etc. She goes on to say she paced up and down the hallway for a very long time-in fact, until the tryouts were over. She returned to her dorm room totally disgusted with herself for not at least having the courage to try. She had let fear dasha childhood dream. That failure had nagged at her ever since that day.

Thirty years later, as a public speaker, she was asked to speak to the female athletes at this same University. That night she told the students how much she admired and respected them, and for the first time, she recounted her story of pacing outside of that gym all those years ago. When she concluded, the women's athletic director approached the podium and after a few clarifying questions, told her and the rest of the audience that in all her years of coaching,the particular year mentioned by the speaker was the only time that she did not have a full roster-they played that season one player short. Throughout the season she kept searching for one more player to fill the team, but never found one.

Ouch! How would that make you feel? Don't wait forcourage to come BEFORE you get on with your dreams.Courage comes WHILE we are facing challengesand BECAUSE we are facing challenges! It takesour hand as we step up. Courage indicates a willingnessto take risks. Of course, the pain of taking a risk must be weighed against the pain of not taking the risk. Ask yourself, "Will this risk put me in a position for major breakthroughs and growth?" Or as my friend'smother used to say, "Will this decision open doors foryou or close them?" In the story, the girl let the risk of not being good enough keep her from some great growing experiences.

No matter what you imagine your limitations to be, ifyou are willing to undergo the initiation necessary to develop your talent, move forward in a relationship,begin that exercise program, go back to school,start a new business, do that triathlon, tryout for the team, whatever may be calling to you--if you are WILLING to "embrace your tigers" you are already a success! Self worth increases as we learnand grow. As we 'show up' for ourselves and others.

Don't leave your place on life's roster unfilled. No one else can fill it. No one can bring yourinterpretations of your unique life experiencesto all those within your sphere of influence.The fact that you are here on this earth proves that you are worthy of your special calling!

Note: My Energy Healing Work helps pin point and release feelings of low self-worth, no matter what their origins and replaces them with courage, confidence, hope, joy, etc.If you or someone you know is feeling"stuck" or just needs some emotional clutter cleared, a personal Energy Therapy session will help you find clarity. Check out the Success Stories page at www.taichiflow.com

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3) Closing Thoughts:

"There's no comparison between what's lost by not trying and what's lost by not succeeding." Francis Bacon, English Essayist

"Frequent encounters with danger are a part of life.making you inwardly strong.instilling in you a profound awareness of life.bringing new meaning, and richness." I CHING no.29

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he hasthe courage to lose sight of the shore."Andre Gide, Philosopher

May your Holiday Season be Blessed,


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