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Carolyn Cooper's
Published by Tai Chi Flow, Inc.
Issue #21 June. 2006

1) Carolyn's Comments: The SECRET
2) Featured Article: Healthy Summer Picnics
3) Calyco Healing: What participants are saying
4) Closing Thought

Carolyn's Comments: The SECRET

Do YOU know the Secret? The secret is simply what I have been teaching about in my classes and workshops for several years. It is The Law of Attraction-what you think about you bring about. In fact, I wrote a newsletter article about it in April 2005-You can read it in my Archives at www.taichiflow.com/news.htm This secret is getting a lot of BUZZ recently, and now there is a new documentary that explains it beautifully. With interviews from writers and philosophers, to computer animation that shows how our thoughts emit signals to the Universe, this movie is a great tool to understanding how it all works. Go to www.thesecret.tv to watch a trailer of the movie, you can also download it to watch right at your computer--but only if you have a comfy chair-it's a full length movie, plus you will likely want to watch it more than once, so I suggest purchasing your own copy. It is $30.00, and well worth it! In fact, I just ordered a few more this morning because I keep lending my copy out to friends and neighbors! It's fun and wholesome, our family watched it together. No, I am not associated with this company, and I do not get any kickbacks for spreading the word about their movie. I just enjoyed it so much and know from experience that this truly works, so I wanted to share it with you! Check it out!

FEATURED ARTICLE: Healthy Ideas for Summer Picnics
Written by my friend, Chris Freytag a national-known Fitness Expert and contributing editor for Prevention Magazine. Chris has created many great exercise dvds. Check them out at www.chrisfreytag.com

I always laugh...people say to me, "Oh no, here she comes with her healthy ideas, taking the fun out of it all" That's our problem...we've associated "fun" with fattening foods. A picnic can still be fun with healthy alternatives and it's even more fun the next day when you don't feel like you blew your whole diet. Here are some ideas to keep your summer picnics "light" hearted and healthy!

Activity is key - throw the frisbee, play softball, play relay races, take group walks after the meal, set up a badminton game - get your guests engaged in activities instead of sitting in lawn chairs drinking beer and soda pop. Salads are a perfect choice for a picnic. Try to avoid the mayonnaise based salads but greens with veggies, nuts, fruits, meats, and low fat cheeses work great. Keep them cool and add vinaigrette just before serving. Baked beans are tradition for many of us and beans are a great source of nutrients and fiber. Just be careful not to disguise them with to many calories. There are great healthy recipes out there - check the internet. Simple snacks: raw vegetables like baby carrots, grape tomatoes, broccoli, jimaca, and celery are easy to take along and dip in a light ranch dressing or in hummus. Tortilla chips and salsa and fruit kabobs are good also. Drinks: Have a cooler of sugar free flavored waters and regular water. My kids love Propel water. I love Dasani flavored water. It's low calorie, refreshing and hydrating on a hot day. AVOID having any soda pop. Try all natural juice boxes for the little ones! Burgers are a favorite as long as you use lean ground beef or ground turkey. You can also find low fat hot dogs and bratwurst which are ok on an occasional picnic. Skinless chicken breasts and seafood would be your healthiest options for the grill. Marinate them, or brush them lightly with a BBQ sauce or honey mustard. Vegetables on the grill are my family's favorite. I marinate slices of red peppers, mushrooms, squash, green beans, baby carrots, onions, broccoli and any other veggie you like in a grill basket. I throw them in a zip lock for a few hours with a low calorie Italian dressing and the grill them for around an hour! Yum. Desserts of course - how about a juicy watermelon, a true American tradition. Of course homemade cookies, brownies are a fun part of a picnic but remember your portion control when baking them and eating them!

What participants are saying....

Thanks to all those who attended the recent Calyco Healing Training at the Red Mountain Spa. We had a great group! Here are some of the workshop participants comments:

"I have attended many, many healing workshops.This training was outstanding! I gained more knowledge than any other I've attended. Nice balance of demonstrations and interactive work"
Vicki Turner, Las Vegas NV

"Calyco Healing seems to be a lot more complete and effective than other energy work. It honors the Spirit of the person you're working on instead of just doing what you want or think."
Rebekah Andrus, Apple Valley UT

Calyco Healing is unique in the fact that it is not about hard to remember formulas and techniques. All healing comes from love and intention, so it is much more about getting in touch with the source of the healing power, than touching or tapping certain places.

This training will be offered again at Red Mtn. Spa in Jan. 2007, OR if you would like me to come to your area and teach this training, send me an email at Carolyn@taichiflow.com

I am also creating the Level 2 course, which will be available soon!

Closing Thought:

"Change the way you look at the world
and the world you look at changes." CC

2003 Tai Chi Flow, Inc