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Carolyn Cooper's
Published by Tai Chi Flow, Inc.
Issue #18 Mar. 2006

1) Carolyn's Comments: Join us for the upcoming Teleclass!
Featured Article: Joy Exercises by Laurie Martin
Upcoming Events: Calyco Healing Training
4) Closing Thought: World Tai Chi Day!

By the way.. HAPPY ST. Patrick's Day!

I hope you can join us on Thursday, March 30th for a fun and informative Teleclass! You may remember in my Jan. newsletter I sent out a call for any questions you may have about Energy Therapy. Well, the questions are in and I will be answering them through an interview with Laurie Martin. Who is Laurie? She is a Certified Life and Business Coach, the owner of Inspire U Whole Life Coaching, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and an uplifting, sincere and humorous Inspirational Speaker!

I had recently had a phone session with her and within a few days I had followed through on some things that I had been putting off for quite awhile! She really pushed me (in a good way) to clarify and commit!

This month's featured article is a listing of Joy Exerciseswritten by Laurie. Check out her website at: www.smileacrossyourheart.com. You'll find many more really great ideas on how you can discover more joy in your daily life!

Please join us for the Call Thurs. March 30, 2006 5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain 7 PM Central / 8 PM East Coast. Click here for more info and to register:


Call will last approximately 1 hourIt's 100% FREE ~ Hurry to reserve your spot! Due to a limited # of phone lines, please register early!!

Featured Article: By guest writer, Laurie MartinJoy Exercise:

Go to www.smileacrossyourheart.com/clubs.htm and read through the Monthly Activities. Each month highlights a group activity and individual activity. Choose your own day within each month to meet. You can trade off each month and meet at different members' homes. You can also pick any organization or charity of your choice for donating your items. Choose a variety of different types of groups: spread your love!

1.) Individual activity: Throughout the day, hold the door open for people at the grocery store, bank, library, or the mall-wherever-and smile.

2.) Allow yourself time to doodle. While doodling relax and let your mind drift off- you may tap into some deep insight and wisdom.

3.) What was your most important learning lesson this past year? Take time to reflect on repeat patterns that have come into your life as gifts for you to learn from.

4.) Family activity: Create a list of roughly 20 positive words and place them on the refrigerator.
Have each person go around the dinner table and use one of the positive words in a sentence. Example: Amazing, Awe; Balanced; Beautiful; Believe; Bliss; Brilliant; Centered; Clarity; Cleansing; Compassion; Confident; Conscious, Courageous; Creative; Dynamic; Empower; Faith; Fantastic; Forgiveness; Free; Fun; Happy; Healing; Healthy; Honest, Humor; Inspired; Intuitive; Joyful; Kind; Laughter; Light; Love; Manifest; Nature; Nurture; Open, Passion; Patient; Playful; Positive; Powerful; Prosperity; Pure; Radiant; Wellness, Wisdom.

Upcoming Events:

My first official "Calyco Healing Training" will be held next week in Providence, Ut. (Just on the outskirts of Logan) Lyman Health 585 W. 100 No. Suite E

Fri. March 24th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sat. March 25th 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

What is it? find out at:


Learn techniques to quickly and effectively release emotional and physical distress in yourself and others. Everyone can use this process, from the novice to the Practitioner.

To register and download a flyer go to:


The price for Calyco Healing training has been set at $399.---To celebrate this new journey, and because this particular one (in Providence) is a 1 1/2 day course instead of the full 2 day course, it is being offered at a Special Price of $250.00 One time only!

Another training will be held in the Mesa/Tempe Arizona area April 5th and 6th

To find out when/where OTHER UPCOMING TRAININGS will be held go to www.carolyncooper.com and click on my NEW "Calendar" page.

Closing Thought:

Mark your calendar! Please don't miss your local World Tai Chi and Qigong Day-April 29th.

This is the 9th year of this exciting global event! In parks and recreation centers all over the world beginning at 10 am in the earliest time zone, people will meet together to practice Tai Chi and Qigong. This day is officially recognized by the United Nations, World Health Organization, and governors and mayors in all 50 states.

Support your local Tai Chi community for this annual health and healing event which is held in 60 nations. To find out about your community's event go to: www.worldtaichiday.org

For St. George, Utah: Sat. April 29th at 10 am Vernon-Worthen Park -300 So. 400 E
Free Tai Chi/Qigong class Taught by local instructors~Carolyn Cooper and Harold Pruitt

Create a great day, Carolyn

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