Issue #30 April 2007

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1) Carolyn's Comments
2) World Tai Chi Day ~ Saturday April 28
3) Upcoming Trainings
4) Closing Thought

Carolyn's Comments

Wow, this month has flown by, would you agree? So much so that I didn't even get a 'featured article' written for this April newsletter--we do still have a few days left of this month, after all! And even though it is so late in the month, I still wanted to touch base, so in place of the article, I am sending you the information about World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. Read on...

World Tai Chi Day and Quigong Day

This week!! Saturday April 28th is the annual World Tai Chi and Qigong Day!

This is the 10th year of this exciting global event! In parks and recreation centers all over the world beginning at 10 am in the earliest time zone, people will meet together to practice Tai Chi and Qigong. As 10:00 am rolls around in each time zone, this healing wave flows from city to city, state to state, country to country, all around the world!

This day is officially recognized by the United Nations, World Health Organization, and governors and mayors in all 50 states. Support your local Tai Chi community for this annual health and healing event which is held in 60 nations. Most cities and towns that have a Tai Chi/Qigong school or instructor will hopefully be joining in the celebration. To learn more about it, and to find out about YOUR community's event go to:

Local to St. George:
Where - Worthen Park - 400 South 300 East St. George, Utah
When - THIS Saturday, April 28th at 10:00 am
What - Free Tai Chi class

Note: I have also been told that at the Worthen Park that same day is a big, Hispanic celebration, so there may be a big crowd! We usually meet by the gazebo, but this year we will just find a spot that is not in anyone's way. You will easily find us by looking for the group of people moving together slowly and gracefully!

Upcoming Calyco Healing Trainings

This summer, two locations to choose from!

May 4th and 5th at Red Mountain Spa ~ St. George, Utah

- OR -

June 22 and 23rd at Richmond Marriott ~ Richmond, Virginia

Only one more week before the Level 1 training at Red Mountain Spa!
Because of the nature of the work, Calyco Healing always draws really great people!

My intention is to attract a very synergistic class - like-minded individuals who work well together. So as always, we have an amazing group of people registered for the upcoming trainings!

Are you still thinking about it?
Do you feel drawn to attend?
You can still sign up, if you hurry!

You are a candidate for this 2 day Training if you:

  • Have a desire to be your best authentic self
  • Want to use your intuition more fully
  • Have a sense of knowing you are meant to help others
  • Desire to create wealth to bless your life and others
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about money
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about weight
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about relationships
  • Want more confidence in all areas of your life

Anyone can easily learn and use this information from the beginner to the professional healer.

For more detailed information go to
On the 'Calyco Healing' page you'll find info about what the course entails, as well as comments from previous attendees.

Register by going to the 'Calendar' page and scroll down to MAY 2007.

Closing Thought:

'Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We're beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.'

Dr. John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist and Public Policy Expert



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