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1) Carolyn's Comments
2) Featured Article: 6 Benefits of Exercise
3) Upcoming Trainings - I'd Love to Hear From You!
4) Fall Calyco Healing Trainings
5) Carolyn Recommends: You Gotta See This!
6) Closing Thought

Carolyn's Comments

It's so good to be writing to you again. I chose to skip last month's edition of "Living in the Flow" because I was got so busy with traveling during July! Here are a couple photos of some of our summer travels.

Here we are at the nation's capital in Washington D.C. From there, I taught a CH training in Virginia (to a great group of people!). Next, I flew to Salt Lake City where my daughter was in the Miss Utah pageant (she didn't win, but did great, thanks for all the nice emails and 'good vibes').

Then a week later my youngest daughter, River and I attended a family reunion in Boulder/Escalante Utah. In this photo we are on our way to play in 'Calf Creek'. Check out the background scenary-it is gorgeous there--God's country!

Phew! It is good to be home again!

Featured Article: 6 Benefits of Consistent Exercise

Working out gives you more than a better looking body. It changes the way you see yourself and everything around you. I personally know that life can get really busy, leading us into the trap of "I just don't have the extra time to exercise." But the results you get from being loyal to your workout routine are well worth the effort. Toning and losing weight are only part of an exercise program's benefits. Physical movement connects your body and spirit--keeps them on the same page, so to speak. This helps you to be more grounded and connected in all that you do. Consider these additional bonuses:

1. Build your self-confidence. Not only will looking better increase self respect but exercising will improve your mental outlook.
2. Improve your concentration. Breaking everyday routine with exercise is one of the best ways to get a fresh start.
3. Relax better. Leisure activity will be more meaningful since you are feeling better about your body.
4. Reduce your stress level. You'll be more alert at work and better able to tackle new challenges.
5. Increase your creativity. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to all the organs of your body. Tired minds become refreshed
6. Stop worry. Whether it's money, job or something else, exercise clears the mind and slows down worry.

So we know exercise has many benefits! And here's my little tip for those days when I just don't have time for my regular workout, (and we all have those days!). I just squeeze in 15 minutes of Tai Chi! It gets the deep breathing going, which oxygenates the blood, which in turn takes it to the organs, for an overall physical and mental boost first thing in the morning, or anytime during your day. I love that it also eliminates that nagging from my body that says "hey, you didn't work me out today!" I often get emails from people thanking me for my Tai Chi Flow DVD because it is something they can easily fit into their day. It is only about 30 min. in length, or you can choose to do just one of the two15-minute sections for an even quicker pick-me-up!

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! But here's what you MUST include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Intuitive Energy Therapist. Creator of Calyco Healing, a unique energy modality that releases blocks on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Also creator of Tai Chi Flow videos/dvd series for Kids, Pregnancy, and EveryBody. To sign up for her monthly newsletter go to or

Upcoming Trainings

I often get requests to travel and teach my Calyco Healing trainings. I love to travel and I love the people I meet when I do! With my full private practice schedule, being a speaker/therapist at Red Mountain Spa, scheduling some time with my husband, and keeping up with our 5 kids and their activities, I need to choose wisely where and when I can go.

For me to take time away to travel, I require a minimum of 12 students per class. Note: Sometimes instead of teaching CH, I present an evening lecture and then stay a few days to do private appts.

I have been invited to come to the following locations. If you would like to attend or host a workshop in one of these areas (or your own area) please email me and let me know, so I can have an idea of where my travels may lead me!

Idaho -- Boise
Michigan -- Detroit/AnnArbor
New Jersey --Atlantic City
Nevada -- Reno
Nevada -- Las Vegas
Ohio -- Columbus
Oklahoma -- Tulsa

Fall Calyco Healing Trainings

Level One - September 14 & 15, 2007
Friday and Saturday ~ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Location: Red Mountain Spa, St. George Utah

Calyco Healing is an incredibly powerful yet simple way to heal yourself and others. Learn to access your core beliefs to strengthen the positive ones and eliminate the negative ones so you can easily manifest the joy you really want in your life. CH works on an emotional, physical, and mental level. Anyone can easily learn and use this information from the beginner to the professional healer.

"This is so much faster than EFT, RET, or anything else I've experienced! I will benefit from this 'usable' information the rest of my life--it is worth much more than the price of the class!"
-Susan Johnson, Ontario Canada

For more detailed information go to
On the 'Calyco Healing' page you'll find info about what the course entails, as well as comments from previous attendees.

You can pay securely online by going the 'Calendar' page and scroll down to Sept. then click the "Enroll Now" button and you will be registered!

Level Two - Nov. 2 & 3, 2007

Friday and Saturday ~ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Pre-requisite: Completion of CH level one

Location: Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah

"Thank you SO MUCH for CH 2! It was a fabulous class! I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have been able to attend that I feel like I'm going to burst. I love the way you teach. It feels peaceful/calm and yet energetic/exciting. (A nice balance of Yin and Yang?) Thanks for sharing your many years of knowledge, wisdom, experience, etc. with us. You truly are an amazing woman. It is always a joy to spend time in your presence."
-Diana Thomas, SLC, UT.

You can pay securely online by going the 'Calendar' page and scroll down to Nov. then click the "Enroll Now" button and you will be registered!

Accommodations for the trainings:

If you hurry, you may still get a room at the Red Mountain Spa for the Sept. class.

They offer a great discount for those attending this training! Read more about it.

HOWEVER, Red Mountain Spa is already booked during the week of the November training, so if you are thinking of attending the level 2 class, you'll need to book a motel in town.

Either way, HURRY and book your room, because there are always so many activities going on in St. George, that the motels book up way in advance! I know several are already full for those 2 weekends!

Carolyn Recommends

This video has been forwarded around a bit as an email, so you may have seen it but it is worth watching again. I have watched it about 5 times and it still brings tears to my eyes each time I see it. The same goes for my husband, but he has watched it even more times than I have!

Follow this link and scroll down to the July 15, 2007 video. It is the video of 'Britain's Got Talent'. This is a video that captures that beautiful, stunning moment, when a very ordinary person reaches way down inside, does something astounding, and at the same moment begins to live their dream. This is one of the those moments. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Closing Thought:

"Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there."

~Ancient Proverb

Blessings to you!


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