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ÊÊÊÊOprah, you go girl!
date for Calyco Healing 2
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ÊÊÊÊHealing Your DNA: What's in Your Genes?
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Carolyn's Comments

Oprah sure is on my good list, even more than usual! This week I was thrilled while watching her 'Ask the Dr' segment with Dr. Mehmet Oz, when he responded to the question of where he sees medicine heading in the future. His response included: "Everything is ENERGY" and "The future of medicine is ENERGY medicine." I also loved that the audience responded with an enthusiastic applause! Yay! After so many years of doing this work, it feels really wonderful to get that validation on international tv. (Not that I needed it !)

Also, Oprah had a panel from "The Secret" on last week, and again this week she had a follow up program about these principles. I wrote about this great dvd in a newsletter way last summer. I know many of you took my advice back then and have told me how much it has influenced you for good. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you do. For more info about it see my June '06 newsletter.

So, if the Law of Attraction is as simple as focusing on what you want, why doesn't it work all the time? See this month's article below to learn more.....

But first.....

Ok, I promise, this will be the final change of date for the upcoming and much anticipated Calyco Healing Level 2. This is for anyone who has completed CH level 1.

Here's the scoop:

Calyco Healing Training Level 2
Friday and Saturday - June 1st and 2nd.
Red Mountain Spa St. George, Utah.

I'm so sorry we had to change it again, but after finding out that there are absolutely no available motel rooms in town (or neighboring towns) that weekend, we had to reschedule. Apparently, my little southern Utah city is quite the happening place for sports tournaments and conventions from Feb through May! I apologize if the move messes up anyone's schedule, but I have a really good feeling about this new date!

And if you are interested in taking the Level 1 course the next one is coming up in just a few months! Learn how to do this healing work for yourself and your loved ones.
What is Calyco Healing??

Calyco Healing Level 1
Friday and Saturday - May 4th and 5th
Red Mountain Spa - St. George Utah

Red Mountain Spa is offering a great discount for those attending either training! When booking your reservation tell them you are attending the Carolyn Cooper Calyco Healing Event. You will receive the Bed and Breakfast rate of $155 per night single occupancy, or $135 each for double occupancy. This price includes breakfast (lunch and dinner on your own) and access to the pools and weight room. Or you may choose to stay at a local motel instead of the spa.

Either way you choose, now is the time to book your reservation as Saturday May 5th is also Dixie State College Graduation and there's sure to be many extra visitors in town!

To register for Level 1 or Level 2 classes, sign up here.

Featured Article: Healing your DNA: What's in Your Genes?

The main message of The Secret is "when your thoughts and emotions are aligned you can manifest your heart's desire." This is true, and for most of us it is 'doable' to change our thoughts. The part that is challenging is to align our underlying emotions with those new positive thoughts. Especially when so many of them are hidden away in our subconscious. But hidden or not, they still emit a signal to the Universe. These emotions come from our belief systems and many of those beliefs are programmed and handed down through our DNA. The stories and experiences of our ancestors can determine our beliefs that create our thoughts and emotions.

We are all made up of DNA from our ancestors. We inherit the color of our hair, the shape of our nose, the way we walk, mannerisms, as well as great qualities, and not-so- great qualities. Just as we are recipients of our ancestors' physical DNA, we also carry their emotional DNA. The fears, traumas and habits of our ancestors become encoded in the DNA and keep getting recycled down through the generations. A significant part of our personality stems from our genetic inheritance. If we have a past ancestor who went through trauma, or had a particular negative belief pattern and we inherited that emotional tendency, then when we are presented with certain life situations it seems to be magnified for us.

I have done this ancestral healing work intuitively for over 10 years. Because of the profound experiences my clients and I have experienced, I've never had any doubts as to whether or not these energetic patterns are really being released. But many people find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possibly have anything to do with what is happening to them today. I am happy to say that now revolutionary scientific research is proving that our emotions and thoughts can impact our health and shape the course of our lives. Our genetic code is not fixed, but flexible, therefore it truly is possible to enhance the positive DNA and transform the negative.

Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss originated the now well-known phrase, "Our biography becomes our biology." I will add to that by saying our ancestors' biography also affects our biology.

In 1940 Barbara McClintock discovered that genes could change their position on a chromosome in response to stress, showing that our genetic code is not unchangeable, but is affected by its environment. In 1983 Ms. McClintock was awarded the Nobel Prize for her discoveries in this area.

In 2001, a team of scientists in Barcelona discovered that a genetic mutation of a certain chromosome makes people more susceptible to panic attacks and anxiety disorders. This shows that a phobia can result from a mutation in our genes. The good news is, that a mutation can be energetically repaired, so you no longer have to deal with that phobia. Something I am very grateful for, since I've had some ancestors with some tragic experiences.

In the fall of 2004 I was training for my first triathlon. One day, I went to a nearby lake to practice swimming in open water, since all my practice up to that point had been in a swimming pool. Although I am not yet a really strong swimmer, with the months of training I had put in, I felt confident in my ability to swim out to the buoy and back. My husband kept watch on the shore as I braved the cold water and psyched myself up for the long swim--my first time ever swimming that far in open water. As I got several yards away from the shore I felt an overwhelming terror throughout my entire body. I had devoted so much time to this triathlon I wasn't about to turn back now. So I forced myself to just keep moving forward, although the fear kept me from putting my face in the water. I steadfastly kept my eyes on the buoy I was headed towards and just kept swimming! With my experience as an Energy Therapist, I knew this was not my fear but an ancestral issue that I could clear if I could just make it to the buoy. Once there I worked on myself for a few minutes and released the ancestral trauma trapped in my cell memory. After a few deep breaths, I was on my way back to the shore. I was still a little shaken by the experience on the swim back, but the potency of those emotions was gone. Those particular generational issues are now cleared from me and anyone else in my family lines forever! I am happy to report that since that day I have done two triathlons in the ocean, with no fear, and a smile on my face (I have photos to prove it).

The beauty of this type of healing work is that it helps so many people at once. The clearing goes forward, backwards and side to side. That means, once an issue is validated and cleared, it releases it from those who came before you, those who are in your same generation (such as siblings and cousins), and your children, grandchildren, and all future posterity. In essence, it completely removes the flawed thread from the tapestry of your family tree.

You do not need to know who the ancestor is. Many of these issues go way back in the family lines, and most people don't have a conscious knowledge of their ancestors that far back. These negative patterns can be attached to a variety of different issues. Some issues that I always see carried in the family lines are depression, addictions, abuse, and financial problems.

Every one of us carries some negative DNA programming. If you are interested in releasing whatever limiting subconscious signals you may be sending out, schedule an Energy Therapy appointment with me by going to: and click on Phone Sessions in the left margin. Remember, by clearing ancestral baggage in yourself, it also clears for many other family members.

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! But here's what you MUST include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Intuitive Energy Therapist. Creator of Calyco Healing, a unique energy modality that releases blocks on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Also creator of Tai Chi Flow videos/dvd series for Kids, Pregnancy, and EveryBody. To sign up for her monthly newsletter go to or

Carolyn Recommends

I know many of you have probably already seen one or both of these movies, but I felt very "nudged" to write about them today. I love that they are both based on true stories--which heightens the "inspiration" factor for me. No violence, no car chases, no computer animation, just great stories about average people doing extraordinary things. My kind of movies! Akeelah is now available on dvd, Happyness is still playing at theatres in some parts of the country--or you may have to wait a few months for it to come out on dvd.

Akeelah and the Bee
A story of an 11 year old girl from south Los Angeles who has a gift for spelling. Once discovered, we see her journey to the national spelling bee. But the movie isn't just based on the spelling bee, it is more about finding out for yourself who you are and what you are capable of. And believing you are worthy against the odds to achieve it. This inspirational and educational film is entertaining for the entire family-we loved it!

The Pursuit of Happyness
I liked this so much the first time I went back and saw it again! Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, in his younger years as a single dad of a young son, making sacrifices today for "happyness" in the future. I was so impressed with this guy's determination and perseverance I came home and googled his name to find out more about his success story.

In both of these movies they trusted their instincts and came up with creative ways to reach their goal. Yes, I know the Law of Attraction implies that when you are in alignment you don't need to work that hard. I truly believe when you have a worthy goal the whole world conspires to help you achieve it--especially if that is your belief about it. But the fact remains, we do need to put in some effort and do some leg work. The difference between 'putting in the work' and 'struggling through the work' is that when you really believe that what you are doing will make a positive difference, the energy is much more clear around it and you see all the opportunities around you and acknowledge the doors opening up for you, rather than seeing only the barriers. Bottom line, when you are doing something that you love and are thinking positively, it lessens the struggle and increases the fulfillment, so it doesn't seem so much like work but rather par t of your journey. After all, the joy is in the journey!

Closing Thought:

"Never think less of yourself, but think of yourself less"

Create a great day!


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