Issue #31 May 2007

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1) Carolyn's Comments
2) Upcoming Calyco Healing Trainings
3) Featured Article ~ Tai Chi: A Metaphor for Life!
4) World Tai Chi Day Photos
5) Closing Thought

Carolyn's Comments

This is a photo of my daughter, Adria Hope Cooper. As Miss Washington County, she is preparing for the upcoming Miss Utah Pageant (which is huge!-usually around 60 girls-lots of local pageants in our state!) The Miss America Scholarship Program is a great program. Adria has paid for much of her own schooling through pageants (she just finished her first year at law school) and she wants to give back by raising awareness and funds to benefit Children's Miracle Network hospitals across the country. This is a great chance to donate to a wonderful cause. If you can give just a little (or more!) go here for more photos, video stories, and info.

Thank you SO much for helping these kids and my girl!

Calyco Healing Trainings

We had a great group at our CH level 1 earlier this month! Thanks to each one of you for coming with your open minds and hearts!

CH level 2 June 1 & 2 Red Mtn. Spa / St. George, UT

For all you CH 1 graduates:
After teaching 5 different CH 1 groups, I am now ready and excited to share with you the very first class of CH level 2! It will be here in 10 days!! Yay! We've got a great group registered so far, and there is still room if you'd like to join in!

I'd like to get a final head-count, so I need your registrations within the week!

Here's the scoop on CH 2:

It will be held on Fri and Sat June 1st and 2nd
9:30 - 4:30 both days with an hour lunch break.

Location: Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah


You can pay securely online by going to and scroll down to June and click the "Enroll Now" button and you will be registered!

Note: The next CH 2 offered will be Nov. 2 & 3, 2007

CH level 1 June 22,23 Richmond Marriott / Virginia

Because of the nature of the work, Calyco Healing always draws really great people! My intention is to attract a very synergistic class - like-minded individuals who work well together. So as always, we have an amazing group of people registered for this upcoming training!

Are you still thinking about it?
Do you feel drawn to attend?
You can still sign up, if you hurry!

You are a candidate for this 2 day Training if you:

  • Have a desire to be your best authentic self
  • Want to use your intuition more fully
  • Have a sense of knowing you are meant to help others
  • Desire to create wealth to bless your life and others
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about money
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about weight
  • Are tired of struggling with issues about relationships
  • Want more confidence in all areas of your life

Anyone can easily learn and use this information from the beginner to the professional healer.

For more detailed information go to
On the 'Calyco Healing' page you'll find info about what the course entails, as well as comments from previous attendees.

Register by going to the 'Calendar' page and scroll down to JUNE 2007.

Featured Article: Tai Chi: A Metaphor for Life!

Many of you, my adored subscribers, are Energy Healing clients, while others are Tai Chi enthusiasts who have purchased my Tai Chi dvds/videos. Although, these are both great ways of moving and clearing energy, and getting you centered and grounded, they are done quite differently. I try to keep a good balance of both types of articles in my newsletter. While checking my article archive I noticed that it's been awhile since I've written a Tai Chi article! So here's this month's feature:

Tai Chi is a wonderful way to become completely connected with yourself and with the universe while you become healthier. It is a routine of movements that reminds you to see and act within the beauty, grace, and knowledge of nature as you mimic certain animal movements and move in Yin and in Yang. The movements are very slow and continuous, allowing you to absorb energy, massage internal organs, open up joints, exercise muscles, and are always done while breathing deeply and being focused on the intricacies of the movements. It is as physical is it is mental and spiritual.

To me, tai chi is a big metaphor for life. If we can really "get" this in our physical body, these lessons ripple out into all aspects of our life. Here are a few of those lessons:

The yin and yang represent grace and strength. You'll see this in everything in nature. For example: the trunk of a tree is very strong, yet the growing branches are supple and flexible. In tai chi you are strong in your form, yet totally relaxed in the execution of it. Ideally, this is how we should live our lives; move gracefully in your interactions with others, but never relinquish your inner strength, your integrity.

The tai chi movements encourage us to live in the moment by keeping centered throughout each movement. When we live in the past (lean too far back) or try to live in the future (push too far forward) it takes us out of balance. When we stay centered we are "in the moment."

The many transitions in and between movements not only remind us that change is inevitable, but also teach us how to go through change. Just like life's changes, if you keep grounded, with a good foundation, and stay flexible (bend your knees, hinge at the ankles and hips), the transitions become much smoother.

Go with a rhythm that feels right for you. Often in life we feel pushed to go at a pace that is uncomfortable for us- generally too fast! In both tai chi and in life, we miss a lot of details that way. Try to shut out any outside distractions and give yourself permission to move to the beat of your own drummer.

And finally, relax and enjoy! When you dance, the goal isn't to get to the end of the song (well ok, sometimes it is, if you don't like your partner, or it's a really bad song), my point is, it's not about getting it done, it's about being in harmony with the doing, or living of it. Tai chi reminds us, the joy is in the journey!

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! But here's what you MUST include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Intuitive Energy Therapist. Creator of Calyco Healing, a unique energy modality that releases blocks on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Also creator of Tai Chi Flow videos/dvd series for Kids, Pregnancy, and EveryBody. To sign up for her monthly newsletter go to or

World Tai Chi Day Photos

I hope you were able to attend a World Tai Chi Day event in your city or town.

We had a great time at one of our local parks here in southern Utah! Please take a few minutes, or half hour, (or an hour or two!) to browse thru the World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Photo Gallery to see amazing photos of people worldwide who want to help create a vision together, of personal and global health & healing.

To see me leading our St. George celebration, go to Click on the big photo, then click where it says "Click for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Event Photos Gallery", and scroll down through all the countries to USA, then scroll down to Utah, and there we are - St. George. I'm in a couple of the 2006 photos, but if you click on "2007" I'm in a lot of those. (I did not even know these pics of me were posted there until today!)

Closing Thought:

"Conflict cannot survive without your participation."

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Create a great day!


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