Issue #37 ~ February 2008

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1) Carolyn’s Comments
2) Featured Article: Open Your Heart To  Forgiveness
3) Group Energy Healing Phone Sessions

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Carolyn's Comments

Because of Valentine’s Day, in our culture February is traditionally thought of as the month of love, hearts, and romance. This month’s article talks about opening your heart, not in regard to romance, but in regard to forgiveness. When the body’s energy moves to the heart (the 4th chakra), we don’t take our wounds so personally, and we can heal. Before reading the article you may want to do a brief scan of your life, and observe whether there is any area that would benefit from the power of forgiveness...

But first, a big thank you from the bottom of my HEART to the wonderful group at my recent Calyco Healing Level 1 training! Thank you all for attending and sharing your beautiful spirits with the class.

FYI: The dates for the May CH 1 has been changed to May 30, 31st. And the date for the June CH 2 has been moved to July 11,12th.

Featured Article: Open Your Heart to Forgiveness

In my many years of being an Energy Intuitive and working on literally thousands of people, the one attribute that I’ve found that helps people heal more fully than any other is that of FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness releases us from the past. It is the answer to almost everything. When we are stuck and do not flow freely with life in the present moment, it usually means we are holding on to a past memory and there is some forgiving that needs to be done.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be another person. Many times it is ourselves we need to forgive, or even a particular situation. When we really see the big picture and realize that everything that happens in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow, it helps us to look for the lessons in each experience—even if they sometimes arrive in disguise!

Forgiveness acts in the same way as Aikido or other martial arts. When we sidestep our attacker’s force rather than resist it, not only does it save them from additional pain, but it keeps us from being hurt! When we attack back, we initiate a fight that no one can win. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Unforgiveness is akin to you drinking poison, and waiting for your enemy to die.” When we are unforgiving, it is OUR body carrying around the heavy, negative emotions, not the person or situation we need to forgive. Just like the rattlesnake bite that fills you with venom; the snake goes on his way, not bothering to stay around to see if you forgive him or not. You then, must make the decision to get the venom out of your system, or you are the one that will suffer.

Often, the concept of forgiveness is misunderstood. When we forgive someone because we think it is the right thing to do, we’re merely jumping through a socially acceptable hoop that changes nothing. Forgiving someone does not condone their behavior or what happened. It is not saying that what happened to us was okay. It simply means that we are no longer willing to allow that experience to adversely affect our lives. Don’t give anymore of your life over to it. The anger that keeps us in an unforgiving state takes up so much headroom! When we make the choice to loosen our grasp, let go, and heal, what a relief it is to finally have that room in our head open and clear again, for uplifting thoughts and fresh positive ideas to come in!

We all have important missions to fulfill in the here and now. Forgiveness is letting go of the negative emotions that keep our energy and our thoughts tethered to the past, and keep us from progressing forward. The energy of love and forgiveness strengthens us, while the energy of stubbornness and unforgiveness will always weaken us. So although it may not be easy to do, it is easy to see, that forgiveness is ultimately a gift we give ourselves!

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! Just make sure to include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Energy Intuitive or © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Group Energy Healing Phone Sessions

An exciting new energy therapy option is now available to you - group phone sessions. Because I’m called to help as many people as I can, my intuition has been telling me for some time now that I need to implement these group phone sessions.

  • Rather than waiting four to five weeks for an individual appointment, you can get in on a group phone session every other Monday, no matter where you live!

  • How? First, a group phone session costs much less than a personal session - just $35 for a 50-minute session.

  • But more importantly, you receive “borrowed benefits.” If someone in the group is clearing something similar to your needs, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue, and it clears in you your particular issue.

  • Also, the synergy of the group works in a positive way, affirming you are not alone in your struggles. In addition, since you’re participating by phone, you don’t need to give your name. For some participants, this will provide the safety to bring up deeply personal issues, secure in their anonymity.

Each session will have its own theme (i.e., finances, family relationships, weight, health, etc.) that will be posted in advance so that everyone participating will get the help they need. That way there won’t be an atmosphere of competition among participants, but one of cooperation, harmony and unity.

Beginning in February, “Melt the Madness Mondays” will be offered two Mondays of each month at 12 noon my time (Mountain Time) That’s 11am Pacific, 1 pm Central, and 2 pm Eastern time.

Each call will have a different THEME. Here is what’s coming up:

Feb. 18th - Romance/Relationships
Feb. 25th - Money/Career

Read more about how it works by going to

This work is quite powerful in a group-- invite your friends!

Carolyn Recommends: Smile Across Your Heart

And speaking of HEARTS......this book about self-love makes the perfect Valentine's gift for yourself or a friend!

Written by my colleague and friend, Laurie Martin, Smile Across Your Heart gives you the tools and techniques that will empower you to release your fears and live a more harmonious, courageous and fulfilled life. Laurie's intent is to share the importance of focusing on the humor in life, seeing the beauty in yourself and your life experiences, and tapping into a greater awareness of your natural gifts. In short, she guides the reader to love themselves deeply!

I love how this book is filled with everyday life-coping skills that most people can relate to. The concepts and principles examined in the pages have proved very effective in Laurie's workshops and coaching sessions. Smile Across Your Heart is very interactive-- filled with visualizations, prayers, joy journaling, gratitude journaling, affirmations and requests.

Learn more about it by going to Laurie's website at:

Closing Thought

Even After All This Time
The Sun Never Says To The Earth,
"You Owe Me"
Look What Happens With A Love Like That.
It Lights The Whole Sky.
-- Hafiz



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