Issue #40 ~ June 2008

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1) Carolyn’s Comments
2) Group Phone Sessions
3) Featured Article:
Don’t be a monkey ~ let it go!
4) Upcoming Calyco Healing Trainings
Carolyn Recommends
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Carolyn's Comments

I took a trip to Israel last month. It was fascinating! The blend of people, cultures, and languages is amazing! The people are beautiful. Our tour guide was Israeli/Jewish/Christian and our bus driver was Israeli/Arab/Muslim/of Palestinian descent. I did not come home understanding all of the complexities of the different groups, but I did come home with a great desire to know more about the history of that country and its people. Here are a couple photos of our adventure...

My mom and I at Capernum
Happy 75th birthday, Mom!

At the beautiful Dome of the Rock

Group Energy Healing Phone Sessions

Thursday night we had another successful group call. The topic was “weight loss”. Thank you to everyone who called in. We released a lot of old, stagnant ‘energetic weeds’, and integrated new, positive seeds!

Here is the summer schedule for the Group Phone Sessions:

June 23rd - Monday - 11:30 am - Self Worth
July 3rd - Thursday - 6:00 pm - Creativity: Uncovering Your Talents
July 21st - Monday - 11:30 am – Healthy Body
August 4th - Monday - 11:30 am - Relationships
August 25th - Monday - 11:30 am - Finances

I offer 6 different TOPICS, rotated so that every 3 months we begin again. Each call is different depending on who is calling in and what their specific issues are regarding that topic. You can join every call, or just jump in here and there for a single topic that interests you.

Sign up for sessions here.

Read more about how Group Sessions work by going to

This work is quite powerful in a group-- invite your friends!

Featured Article: Don’t be a monkey ~ let it go!

This is #1 of a 3-part summer series: Recognizing, Releasing, Re-weaving

A few years ago a group of scientists were on a mission to study a particular species of monkey in the jungles of Africa.

It was important to them that the monkeys were not harmed in the capture process. So the scientists devised a trap consisting of a small jar with a long, narrow neck. Into the jar was placed a handful of nuts. Several of these jars were set out at certain locations, and the scientists returned to their camp.

Seeing the nuts in the bottle, a monkey would thrust his paw into the long neck and grab a fistful of nuts. When he tried to pull his hand out, grasping onto the nuts, he discovered that his clenched fist would not pass through the narrow neck of the bottle. So he was trapped in the anchored bottle, unable to escape with his prize, and yet unwilling to let go of it.

We may smile at the monkeys, thinking how foolish they were. But in some respects we are just like them. We cling to the very things that hold us back, remaining captive through sheer unwillingness to let go.

We may feel we have been unjustly treated in our work or by some friend or even family member. Often someone will say, “I can never forgive that person” (which statement shows more about the person saying it, than the unforgiven one).

When we take an honest look at our life we may find that we are holding onto nuts that are keeping us trapped. It may be extra weight, negative judgment of others, negative judgment of ourselves, anger, fear, a toxic relationship, a job that is not right for us.

Many people spend their days complaining about being tied to a bottle, but unwilling to let it go. Take a few minutes to RECOGNIZE what, if any, unhealthy patterns you are holding onto in your life.

Stay tuned….next month in Part 2 we will talk about HOW to let it go.

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! Just make sure to include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Energy Intuitive or © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Upcoming Calyco Healing Training

Level 1 - June 20th & 21st - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Level 2 - July 11th & 12th - Red Mtn. Spa - Ivins, Utah
Level 1 - Aug. 1st & 2nd - Provo, Utah
Level 1 - Sept. 8th & 9th - Red Mtn. Spa
Level 2 - Sept. 10th & 11th - Red Mtn. Spa

Calyco Healing Trainings were created for people like you who want to live at their full potential, yet find themselves feeling stuck, needing clarity, or feeling stressed and out of balance.

This powerful way of healing changes energy patterns as well as subconscious beliefs in a graceful, efficient manner with no negative side effects. Clients report profound and life-changing results!

For more detailed information about CH trainings go to

Carolyn Recommends: Oh, the Places You'll Go!


My middle child, Sinjin, graduated high school last month. As a tradition, I always give my graduate-child a copy of Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” I have always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan, because I love how amidst all the silliness of his books, they all have a great moral message to them. Since this book is one of my favorites and I have recently re-read it, I knew it was the right choice for my “recommends” section this month.


If you have the book take a few minutes to read it again, and if you don’t have the book, well, I “recommend” you get a copy. It is simple, funny, and inspiring!



Closing Thoughts

From “Oh, the Places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss

“…..And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)
You’re off to great places
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So….get on your way!”




Forever Young
Essential Oils

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