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2) Uncover Your Talents - Group Phone Session
3) Featured Article:
Spring Cleaning: De-clutter
    to Boost your Energy!
4) May Calyco Healing 1 Training
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Carolyn's Comments

Spring is here, you gotta love it! Time for renewal. For me that includes Spring Cleaning to clean out the old and make space for new growth! This past month we’ve been doing some remodeling around my house, and have more in the works! Of course, along with re-painting, re-carpeting, and re-decorating comes de-cluttering!

Read today’s article to find out some interesting things about how de-cluttering your home can alleviate health problems and bring in more abundance!

If you are near Idaho Falls please come and visit me at the Springforth Wellness Expo on March 28 & 29! On Saturday I will be speaking on “Your Energy Speaks Louder Than Your Words.” I will also be teaching Tai Chi Flow classes on Fri. and Sat.

In addition, I will be giving “mini-sessions” for energy clearing at a very discounted rate. To see the great line-up of other speakers and classes please visit their website:

Group Energy Healing Phone Sessions

An exciting new energy therapy option is now available to you - group phone sessions. Because I’m called to help as many people as I can, my intuition has been telling me for some time now that I need to implement these group phone sessions.

  • Rather than waiting four to five weeks for an individual appointment, you can get in on a group phone session every other Monday, no matter where you live!

  • How? First, a group phone session costs much less than a personal session - just $35 for a 50-minute session.

  • But more importantly, you receive “borrowed benefits.” If someone in the group is clearing something similar to your needs, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue, and it clears in you your particular issue.

  • Also, the synergy of the group works in a positive way, affirming you are not alone in your struggles. In addition, since you’re participating by phone, you don’t need to give your name. For some participants, this will provide the safety to bring up deeply personal issues, secure in their anonymity.

Each session will have its own theme (i.e., finances, family relationships, weight, health, etc.) that will be posted in advance so that everyone participating will get the help they need. That way there won’t be an atmosphere of competition among participants, but one of cooperation, harmony and unity.

Melt the Madness Mondays” are offered two Mondays of each month at 11:30 am my time (Mountain Time) That’s 10:30 am Pacific, 12:30 pm Central, and 1:30 pm Eastern time.

Each call will have a different THEME. Here is what’s coming up:

Mar. 24 - Uncover Your Talents
April 7 - Healthy Body
April 14 - Relationships
May 5th - Finances

Read more about how it works by going to

This work is quite powerful in a group-- invite your friends!

Featured Article: De-Cluttering to Boost Your Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient art of decorating to create a harmonious environment where the energy flows freely. According to its teachings, we mirror the energy in our environments, and the energy patterns surrounding us impact our prosperity, our health, our relationships and every aspect of our lives and well-being.

As I’ve been re-doing my office I must admit as much as I dislike clutter, the papers do pile up! These past few weeks, I’ve been getting re-organized and it feels so good! I know clutter blocks abundance, so I try to stay on top of it, but even with the best filing system, I still have to remember to put everything in its place, and not on top of my desk!

Clutter may be different things to different people, but basically it is anything unused, unresolved, unfinished, tolerated or disorganized. Feng Shui says that clutter will impact your health and your life in different ways depending on its location.

Where does your clutter live? Here are some things to consider:

Entranceways and behind doors: where the energy enters your home. When blocked or restricted in any way, you will not be receiving the energy you need to be healthy and vibrant. Anxiety and depression fall into this category. Also, doorways correspond to the birth canal, so if there is a pregnant woman living in your home, doorways are definitely not a good place to store things!

Attic: corresponds to your head. Do you have an attic full of clutter? Symbolically this means you have a lot of things hanging over you. Problems related to this may be headaches, foggy thinking, lack of clarity.

Basement: the foundation of your life. The basement represents ailments in the lower body (waist down), including foot and leg problems. Any blocked or stagnant energy will be coming up through your home to affect all aspects of your life.

Clutter under beds: a huge impact on your health. This is a priority to clear and keep clear, as you are affected by the stagnant energy rising up through your bed as you sleep. Hmm…that gives me an idea to put the great books I’ve been meaning to read under my bed and maybe their energy will rise up and I can absorb it while I sleep--heh, heh!

Closets and drawers: represent secrets. Do you hide your clutter away thinking it's out of sight, out of mind? Even if you can’t see it, it is still affecting your energy and your health. It represents things you don’t want to face.

If you have clutter, now’s the time to do some spring cleaning! Don’t let the thought of clearing it overwhelm you. Start with something small and specific. If you spend 30 minutes a day clearing your clutter you’ll receive an immediate boost in energy that will spur you on! And the thrill you get from standing and staring at your newly de-cluttered space is worth 10 times any effort it took to clean it up. Wonderful things are waiting to come into your life, get to work and make space for them!

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! Just make sure to include: Written by Carolyn Cooper, Energy Intuitive or © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Calyco Healing Training ~ May 30 & 31

Level ONE

May 30 & 31, 2008
Fri / Sat 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Delicious Spa Lunch
Red Mountain Spa
St. George, Utah

Graduates may take a "refresher" course for only $50 each day.

"This is so much faster than EFT, RET, or anything else I've experienced! I will benefit from this 'usable' information the rest of my life—it is worth much more than the price of the class!"
Susan Johnson, Ontario Canada –Calyco student

For more detailed information about CH trainings go to


Carolyn Recommends: Forever Young Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life-blood of plants. God’s medicine as I see it. My family and I love using them!

If you are not familiar with essential oils, here are just a few of the ways we use them at our house:

  • My boys and husband are active in sports, so we rub some oil on to relieve injuries or muscle aches and pains.
  • I always keep a bottle of Lavendar in my kitchen because it is great for quickly eliminating the pain or blistering of a burn.(I was so glad I had it last week!)
  • My little 6-year-old loves her feet rubbed with the oils at night before bed. (Peppermint and Orange oil are her favorites!)

When essential oils are applied topically, almost instantaneous absorption occurs through the skin, moving into the blood stream, then to the deprived area. Swelling decreases, blood circulation returns, the pain is diminished, and mobility is restored. They also help with digestion, cellular detoxification, and many other actions within the body.

It has been reported that when applying essential oils on the bottom of the feet, the constituents of that oil will travel to every cell within 20 minutes of application. Oftentimes, it’s possible to even smell certain oils on someone’s breath within seconds of applying them to the skin!

There are a lot of good companies out there, but I prefer Forever Young because they use an exacting standard of certification for purity known as E.O.B.B.D (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined). In order to be E.O.B.B.D. certified, oils are tested by third-party professionals using methods that determine exactly what constituents are in the oil, as well as breaking down the percentages. You have the benefit of pure, unadulterated essential oils — quality in every drop!

Forever Young Oils are sold by the ForeverGreen Company. I like this company because you can place a single order without signing up, or you can sign up and get a discount on the products without being required to place an order each month. You can order only when you feel like it!

Click here to order yours.


Closing Thoughts

To think about while you de-clutter:

“The outer condition of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs.”
~ James Allen

“When we hold on to what is no longer right for us, we are unconsciously saying that we believe our past is more important than our future.”
~ Robin Lennon



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