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These are actual comments received from happy clients.

Thank you so much for removing the surgery trauma from my knee. It is so much better. I have had that soreness for two years and could find nothing that would help. You did. It will probably always be a little stiff for it is not my knee, but thesoreness is gone. Thank you again. You are the greatest and I can't wait for my sister to have her session with you.
- Sue Smith, Oklahoma

I appreciate your humble, sincere, fun, and genuine approach. It seems some "healers" are very full of themselves. Not the case with you! You are great at what you do!! Thanks again for "planting a seed", the energy therapy information, and the work. I feel great!
- Dave Scruby, Colorado

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you again for the amazing workshop last night and wonderful energy therapy session today.You truly know your work, my dear! I am very impressed!
- Natalie Maisel, San Diego, CA

Our last session helped my family tremendously. We dedicated to my 3 year-old and she became potty-trained in less than a week, which was awesome!
- Caroline Cummings, Illinois

I just wanted to give you a quick update and a huge thank-you for your help. My pregnancy hormone jumped up to very good levels and we will hopefully see the little heartbeat next Thursday! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,
- Marcia Brimhall (5 weeks pregnant)

I just wanted to thank you again for the great session I had with you while I was at the Red Mountain Spa.  As you know, my experience was so positive, just my appearance enrolled the entire group of women I was with (the Coaching group from Georgetown U program)!  We had such a great time sharing our experiences from our session with you.
I'm enjoying your DVD as well.  I'm in search of a Tai Chi instructor, and you have set the bar really high! Many, many thanks.  I have no doubt I'll be calling you for a "tune up" in the future.
- Jane A. Shows,  Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You.  Wow, what a great session I had with you yesterday.  I had high expectations & I was not disappointed. Actually it was better than I anticipated.
I had a really good feeling of well being throughout the rest of the day & throughout the evening.  I have not felt this relaxed or at ease in a long time - years.
Thank you again for what you have done & what you are about to do.  You are an extraordinarily, gifted woman.
- Devin Barnett, Orlando, Florida

My family Dr. said I need to see you at least once a month.  My reply was, "Well color me happy!" I love you Carolyn, you saved my life.
-Sue Stewart, Meadow Utah 

...I feel so much better overall, but what's really amazing is that you somehow eliminated my shoulder knot of 8 years!  It's amazing and I thank you very, very much.
- Caroline Karr, Chicago, Illinois

The training workshop was unbelievable!  Very good and you are an amazing person - so very spiritual and open and flowing - I hope to achieve the level and peace you are at.
- Kristi McEntee, Boise Idaho

Thank you for the Energy Clearing Session.  And especially for doing some dedication work for my husband.  I don't know if you remember reconnecting his hand to his arm (energetically and in his mind) but it has been a big change for him. He has started wearing a watch for the first time since 1999 and even got a new one! You can't imagine what a breakthrough that was because even his doctor said he was so badly injured that he had lost the brain connection from his hand to his arm.
- Laurel Dibb, Wisc.

"Unburdened!  That is the best way to describe how I have felt since my Energy-Clearing session with you.  I'm still not sure how it works, but I feel great!  Thank you...." 
- Perry B., New Orleans  

You need to be on Oprah!  You are AMAZING!! That's all I can say!!!
- Kim R., NYC

"I was so fascinated with your work that I told a friend of mine I want to grow up to be just like you - except you are younger than me!   Anyway, one of the things I presented with was a trembling which I'd had for exactly two years, and was so subtle it couldn't be felt on the surface, but which seemed to have been striking more often lately, including waking up with it on the morning I saw you.   I haven't had it hit since then!"   
- Shauna Leishman, England         

Since our session overall things have settled down.  And the Universe is moving FAST.....Here's the Readers Digest version of what's happening;

  • Both of my staffing issues have been resolved as of today.  So 2 new folks will be starting with me in the next few weeks.  This is HUGE!!!!!!!  We've been looking for 8 months. 
  • My mood is increasingly more peaceful as each day passes
  • I am seeing paths being cleared and feel myself stepping forward.
-Maria Gamb, New York City
Energy Therapist,

Carolyn, I'm back home and at work but want you to know that you have a convert. My shoulder is much improved!   I normally don't believe in things that I can't understand but I believe that you know how to deal with the energy fields which effects many things about our lives. I believe in you. Hoping that we can keep in touch.
- Jim White 

It was so enjoyable to meet you and attend your class, I am always pleased to meet someone who has found their path and are teaching and healing others. Good Health, Love and Light to you and your family,
- Chanelle Lea, The City of Angels , Ca.

Just wanted to thank you again for the energy work you did for me. I've been sharing my experience with my family and friends and have been reflecting a lot on the whole experience. It's very enlightening!
-Lisa Morris, Provo , UT

I've got to tell you that I felt so much better the next day after you worked on me.  The 3 days before that I felt totally depleted, just like I needed to sleep for about a week and then by the end of our session it was really amazing, I felt back to normal, even energized!  Thanks again,
- Susan Gubler, Ontario Canada

Thank you for the important influence you've had on my life path.  Although one could say my whole life has been a spiritual journey, the past couple years have been an especially accelerated "growth period."  Looking back, you were one of the key teachers that helped start me off on this recent growth.  A year and half ago, I took your Tai Chi class and felt my own energy flowing through me for the first time.  That experience was a very influential step in me then going on to become exposed to several, intensive energy healing classes and teachers and to becoming an energy healer myself.
It was great to see you again during my stay here. My back and whole right side feel so much better after you pulled out the energy cord from my ex-boyfriend of 8 years ago!  I can actually walk again with no pain.  THANK YOU!!! You're a beautiful woman inside and out, Carolyn.  Thanks for sharing your amazing gift with me and so many other people! With great gratitude and respect, 
- Laurie Gardner, Berkley CA
Energy Healer

I have a much better footing on this mountain of life since our session in July. I feel like I am a better person and my family seems to be healing because of it too. I felt a greater sense of ease immediately after our session and I still feel it 6 months later. Thank You! You are wonderful!
- Trudy Jones, Chicago, Illinois 

Carolyn, I can't believe it!  I took my pregnancy test today and it was positive!!!  Thank you THANK YOU For your help!  I told my mom that you and Bobby got me pregnant ha ha ha ha!
- Becky Bermudez, Gilbert, AZ

I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how much different I feel after our session two weeks ago. I don't even know where to start! I just feel overall so much better and instead of having occasional vague feelings of peace I now have huge chunks of time in my day or week where I feel like I "get it" when it comes to my life.
I have less fear, more peace, more confidence and more enthusiasm/optimism.
I've also totally changed my eating habits and I'm losing weight. THANK YOU!
- April P., Washington

My daughter had such a bad allergy to cats that it would make 1/2 of her face look as if it was sliding off or drooping really bad. She would break out in hives. The most frightening part of it was that it affected her lungs to the point of asthma attacks. Many breathing treatments came from this. I was introduced to Carolyn Cooper by a friend, and had a couple of successful group sessions. My friend suggested that I give my daughter a session. What a great idea! For my daughters Birthday, Carolyn came and did work on her for her cat allergy. WOW! I was able to take my daughter to the pet store the other day and not only did she look at the cats she petted the cats and stayed around them plenty of time to have any bad effects. NONE! Not a wheeze, not a hive, not a puffy eye or a sneeze! Since then I know of two other times that she has been in people's homes with cats. No reactions. We feel blessed to know Carolyn and believe in her wonderful work!
- April Banks, Salt Lake City, UT

I just wanted to thank you for our sessions last week. I truly enjoyed the experience and felt such relief after I left. I have never felt so "complete." When I told my husband and daughter about the experience and how you were able to help them, through dedication they were very pleased as well.
- Joan C.,  New Jersey

Working with Carolyn has been a life changing experience for me and my family.  Her knowledge and intuitive gifts has blessed our lives tremendously by helping us clear negative emotional blocks that were affecting us.  My family initially began to work with Carolyn when my daughter and son experienced a frightening accident that nearly cost my daughter her life.  Through Carolyn's skills and talent with energy work, both my children and I were able to release the trauma of the accident.  We no longer remember the accident with that gut wrenching fear and anxiety.  It is now only a memory that doesn't affect our lives in any way.
Since then, I have continued as a client of Carolyn's and in that time, she has assisted me through difficult life problems such as illness, divorce, job change, financial concerns and other issues.  I am now at peace, moving forward with my life, and living in joy due to Carolyn Cooper and her amazing grasp of energy systems and how they affect our life.
- Rebecca S, UT

I loved every minute with you and your beautiful spirit. You gave me so much to think/work on and I came home with this incredible calm all about me.
- Jane Walsh, Las Vegas NV

We just ended our phone session about 20 minutes ago. I went upstairs to take a shower and it was very quiet in my house but my mind was FLOODED with thoughts....positive and energizing thoughts....things I've always known but never felt connected to enough to believe...The best analogy I have is like all these thoughts/truths about me/my life have been stored away in an unused room of a house and I've always known they were there, but couldn't use them or see them and now I've walked into the room and I'm surrounded by these feelings/thoughts about my life and my thinking. I'm really excited about this. I feel fantastic! Thank you!

Just a note to tell you thanks for our session. I felt so relaxed and uplifted when we were done.
- Jeannie S., NYC

Carolyn, before I met you I was so down and was living in the energy of a victim. Now, so many things in my life have changed! I am excited to learn more and more about our energy system. I owe all of this to you. Thank You for being inspired and sharing with me.
- Lora J., ID

Thanks for the sharp jolt of intuitive logic!
Jeff, CA

When my aunt brought me to see you, I was nervous, but you put me right at ease. And when you explained that I didn't have to dredge up every little detail about the date-rape (wow, I can even say it now!) because my spirit already knew the details and just needed some help to "drain the abscess" of all that stored pain and anger, that made so much sense to me! I had been trying for so long to let it go so I could move forward, but didn't know anything about how emotions get stored on an "energetic" level. I had put on so much weight as a protection, I guess to somehow shield myself from the darkness of the whole incident, does that make sense? Things are so much better for me now. I still think about it from time to time if something reminds me, but there's no deep emotions tied to it anymore. Thank you, thank you, I literally feel like a new person!

I very much enjoyed meeting you at Red Mountain. Thank you for the positive influence you have been on my life! I'm back to work and real life now and I'm still feeling very good from our one on one session last week.

Thank you for your Energy Therapy Class. This way of healing is all new to me, but your energy is Magnetic! I didn't want to stop listening to you, and I especially appreciate how you were able to explain things in a way that even beginners like myself could understand.
- Diane M, Chicago

Thank you for the great phone session! I've always intuitively known I am the one to break many of the cycles that have continued in my family lines. I loved how you were able to trace the negative emotional DNA back and release it—I felt as if my ancestor was right here thanking me.

I just want you to know how much my life has changed since my Calyco session with you. I always felt like I had the motivation to move forward, but for some reason I also felt as if I were running into a brick wall, and could never pin-point why. I'm so grateful for your help and how quickly you were able to find and release those negative beliefs lurking in my sub-conscience. I just didn't realize I had allowed my father to own my power all these years. It's amazing to claim it back!!
- David F., CA

Carolyn, I want to let you know that I stood up and gave my speech at my meeting last night with confidence! My whole life I have been so afraid to do things like that. I can't believe how quickly your work kicked-in! Thanks sooo much!
- Carol A, UT

About 15 yrs ago I had some sinus problems and had to go in for an operation. In the process I had a nose job done. The top of my nose had been numb ever since. The Doctor told me they could have cut some nerves. I happened to mention this to Carolyn and she sensed that I was uncomfortable with my new nose. She worked on me and the VERY next day I had FEELING back on top of my nose. My nose can feel my fingers touch it. I also immediately felt like it's a good nose for my face. Thanks Carolyn, I love my new nose!

My sister and I were playing in the sand on the banks of the river. A cave in occurred which trapped my sister underground. She was rescued but it was very traumatic for me to nearly lose my only sister. Carolyn helped me clear the painful feelings attached to this experience. She has helped me move on and now when I talk about this experience I don't start crying. I completely remember it yet the negative emotional feelings have been washed away.
- Taylor S. age 15

I just wanted to "thank you" again for the phone session I had with you yesterday, you are amazing!! The rest of my day was filled with joy and a renewed sense of energy. I don't know how you do it, but I hope you never stop, you are an angel here on Earth! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift! In light and love,
- Leslie Gabbard, Dublin, OH

Thank You. For the first time, ever, I am no longer afraid of whatever it is that has been holding me back. And, most remarkably, I actually look forward to the process with a sense of wonder. Good Stuff
- Paul Sims, SLC, UT

I want to thank you so much for the session last week! It was nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful to you. The week-end went very well thanks to you and my relationship is progressing nicely. Again, I am so very grateful to you.
All the best,
- Sharon Miller, Tampa Florida

.....I no longer experience dizzy spells!! Thankyou!
You are wonderful!!
- Mary Ellen Szwejkowski, New York

Thank you so much for everything we went over in our phone appt last week! I have felt an unbelievable energy transformation, some right away, some later -- in fact I woke up the next morning feeling super-charged and ready to go! What a feeling! I will definitely be calling you again, perhaps for a tune-up on a regular basis.
- Dede Irwin, Virginia

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the incredible healing experience. There is something so completely safe about you and I have experienced a different sort of peace in many ways since my brief session with you after your talk and also the full session.
The energy work helped to remind me that healing does not all have to be rigorous and painful. Thank you again and until we meet again, may you have peace, harmony, and happiness!
- Vickie Williams, Memphis, Tennessee

I have experienced amazing results already from the session we had at Red Mountain a few weeks ago. I have more energy and am far less subject to becoming overwhelmed. I look forward to my upcoming phone session with you!
- Gretchen G, Michigan

I wish to thank you again for your sessions this past week at Red Mountain Spa. Shirley and I both found them very fascinating and enjoyed them very much. We look forward to employing the techniques you provided us, and to enjoy the benefits they provide.
- Tony Sukkel, Canada

I just wanted to thank you so much for our 2 sessions at Red Mountain Spa. It was the highlight of my trip! I think your work is absolutely incredible. It sparked a real interest in me to get my energy flowing better through my body. Thank you for your inspiring attitude and wisdom. I hope to speak with you soon!
- Beth Warshaw

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